I’ve been reading a lot of Charles Bukowski lately, and his novels are filled to the brim with crude prose and detailed debauchery. He does not shy away from graphic language in his writing, which, in a way, has inspired me to post the first sexual affair I’ve written for Aristeia: A Dance with Fate.

The language is graphic and there is no romance, but I had to tell it like it is. I present to you, Hauptmann Wadel and the Whore:


It was round two for Hauptmann Wadel, and his piggish grunts were growing more animalistic upon each thrust. Sweat poured from his head down to his body, greasing his stomach and his erection. He slid back and forth on the whore’s hind side and the belt that was fastened around his neck and tied to the bed post rubbed loosely against his skin. It gradually tightened around his neck…

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