Location services for film shooting


  pallets      People always get curious when they see a camera, tripod, reflectors and other production equipment in their neighborhood. Their excitement sometimes distracts the cameraman and destroys the shot. Everybody loves to come in front of camera. Now days it has become difficult to shoot a scene in a public area. Contact Out of Frame to get location services if you want to shoot your movie peacefully with best possible outcome. We have years of experience in providing film production equipment and other related servicesand this has helped us to give best in class services. People in the market now know our brand. They arrange things for us according to our need. You won’t get disturbed from anything during your shooting.

Even if you are on ‘low budget’ we will provide best locations for your project. We will provide multiple location service solutions to you. You can choose…

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Filmmaking – Five Good Producer Skills

guitar music radio

You may believe a thorough knowledge of filmmaking and the entertainment industry is enough to make you a good movie producer. While it certainly helps to know the nuts and bolts of movie production, and even the details of financing and marketing a movie, that knowledge is not enough to create a good producer. It might make for a good studio executive, or other job out of the fray, but you need to develop specific skills, to help you make an independent film.
The first and most important skill you need is organization. If you were the kid who kept the minutes of the club meetings, edited the yearbook, or organized the prop-closet by era, you already have this skill. It is something that is hard to teach, but you can certainly learn it, to become more organized.
If you are the person who can’t find his keys and has…

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The House – Pre-Production

JH Lillevik

As I write, we’re deep into the process of making the sets ready for shooting in January. So many lovely people have sacrificed time and energy to help us get this movie up and running and now it really looks like it is going to happen.

We have managed to secure two very talented German actors and a very good Norwegian. The days are filled with calling everybody I know to get favors, cars and sponsors. This project has people intrigued and some so much that they are willing to give us money or goods that we need. The script is finished except for the German dialogue which our two German stars will translate themselves. It is a really spooky script and I have never been so freaked out by something I have a part of writing. If everything goes smoothly, then you will hear about “The House” next year…

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The Great Acting Blog: “All This Months Posts!”


Thoughts. Musings. Electrical Synapses.

I go through different phases frequently, like a chameleon changes colors, that is my nature. Life is made up of unrehearsed stage acts, where story arcs and costume changes are unpredictable. We’re the actors and the audience in a big play, except there is no script, no pretending.

The soundtrack isn’t even improvised, there’s no time to compose or play music. It’s already been written and we must play, listen, sing or dance to it.

I’ve played so many different characters already that sometimes I wonder if there is really a true self, a defined and fixed only way to be and act. Maybe not, since most of us aren’t unidimensional beings, and multitudes live inside some of us.

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Researching the Role

Spacious Acting™

Not everything in a script is going to be self-evident or otherwise within your knowledge base.  This means you have to do some research.

I am surprised by how many actors don’t do the research necessary for their roles!  They will go into opening night not understanding a word, a line, or a reference.  You need to understand the words and the world of the play, as well as what makes your character who she is.  And that means research.

libraryFortunately, the internet makes this work a lot easier than it used to be.  If you identify at the beginning of rehearsals what you aren’t sure about, you can answer most of your questions in short order, which will help guide how you use your rehearsal time.

So what sort of things should you look into when doing your research?

Word definitions.  This may sound obvious, but I see…

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The Eclectic Actor


There is no one path to enlightenment or acting. There are no certainties, solutions or single techniques. There is no magic potion.

Instead there is a continuation of actors, teachers and practitioners. A deep pool to bathe in, drink and find succour. A million ‘techniques’

All these exercises, tips and tricks drive to the same ends – how to lift the text off the page and make it come alive; how to step into the shoes of a role (who is now you) who has led a different life dealing with different needs, relationships and situations (to a greater or lesser extent); how to communicate this life, story, world through your interaction with the other roles and the circumstances; how to move, educate, elucidate or entertain – in any proportion, or all at once; how to enter a magical game with the audience where you offer to suspend all daily…

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