I hate to go into a place to eat and theres nothing to entertain a person but watching whoever you are with, chew. This is a nice distraction. We have so many artist that never have their work seen by anyone other than family and friends. This would be a great venue for local artist to be exposed to the public.

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The Art Hotel in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands shows a designed exhibition of art in each one of its public areas as well as the different rooms in the facility.

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A One Year Reading List for Someone Who Wants to Write Better

I’ve watched the movie many times but never read the book. I need to get back and read some of the great books and and learn from the masters.

Raw Milk Marathon

We all read a few classics under the careful guardian of American education, didn’t we? Even though I might recall a rogue title, I can’t seem to remember the fluid genius that made those books great.

I remember a couple tragic scenes from The Great Gatsby, the woman hit by a car and the man dead in a pool. I remember Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird and law proceedings that furled my upper lip. Apart from this, I’m sorely missing that literary foundation all the liberal institutions of my upbringing so brightly promised. I don’t blame them, though. Even if they fashioned the most brilliant reading list of all time, I wouldn’t have appreciated it then.

Now is different. Now I have established my interests and taken stock of my passion. Now I approach, with reverence and awe, the crispy articulate pages of the greatest discovered writers. And…

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Kure Beach, NorthCarolina

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Casting Call ,Crew and Extras

Casting Call For Hunger Games

OK….You students of Acting or just someone wanting to get in a movie or what ever your reason…Here it is….Casting Call for Skinny extras….Hunger Games. Go to this link for all the info..”

A Writer’s Day: Part 13

I think the up all night is a writer normal life…I do this every night ,sometimes up 30 some hours, but try not to do that to often. My husband said It felt like we were dating or separated. I sleep during the day up all night…..oh no…I’m a Vampire!

A Writer's Blog

So, it seems I slept. Finally. And I slept a lot. Yesterday, after being up all night, writing even more on my NaNo novel, and taking a nap during that day, I passed out at about midnight. This is quite unusual to me and came as a surprise when I woke up this morning at seven. I was only up for a bit though before I passed back out until around eleven or noon.

I spent most of the morning uninspired with a terrible headache. Then I went off to art class. That was actually enjoyable today and I even came up with a few more ideas to add to my NaNo Novel. I also got quite a bit done in art and even sketched out a Minotaur! Hurrah for Greek Mythology.

I came home and had another eventful meeting with The Literary Captives, our writing group. We did a…

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There Is Just So Much

I’ve looked on a lot of different Blogs, mostly Art and  Entertainment.  I discovered that the real entertainment  the stuff that is really a distraction from the everyday, normal living of life, is really Art.  Oh I’m not talking about  who’s wearing who on the Red Carpet, or  whats up with the Kardashions.  That’s not entertainment, that just brain washing.  When you see something over and over and over and OVER, and there’s nothing helpful,or there’s nothing you can take away from it, other than constant thinking about someone else s life.  Then that’s not living your life you trying to live theirs. Then the brain washing and possible need to want  to watch the neighbors,and it’s going to turn people into peeping Toms.  Next thing you know there’s going to be a large number of Police reports about peeping Tom’s, sitting outside other people’s windows, in pajamas, eating Popcorn, as families, and it could lead  to a life of crime,jail who knows.   Reality shows will lead to crime.  I’m pulling my drapes now.  IT could be BAD ,BAD, really Bad and STUFF.

All joking aside.  There is so much new stuff out there and if you stay in one area , like say,home….and the same little communities, we miss whats  being produced . One that I could not stop looking at on you tube was  Animusic HD – Resonant Chamber (1080p) – YouTube  . This was amazing.  This thing looked like maybe three guitars of different sizes had been melted together  to make this massive instrument that was played by the computerize fingers that looked like giant crab legs, and the smaller fingers looked like flying Raptors heads.   If you have a few minutes take a look.  I think I might have to have another look myself and stuff.

Poor Thang: Kimmy Cakes Devastated By People Making Fun Of Her Baby Weight

Oh…Boo Hoo, Hoo, Hoo,…….that is just so horrible…..Oh the pain, the drama….Boo, Hoo Hoo
Kimmy honey, swee T, Here call this number it will really be a big help….swee..T, OK….Dial


Don’t worry Kim, it gets better.

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