Overcome Rejection: Auditions and the Struggling Actor


RING!!! EMAIL!!! Waiting for something and then… nothing. Submit to 50 audition breakdowns per day via Backstage, Craigslist, Mandy, Actor’s Access and more. Then if you’re lucky, you hear from one of the “casting directors”. (Get used to the quotations in this article)

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The Levels and steps to Becoming a Actor

lovestaxs Entertainment

Hey hey I recently started my acting career last September and I think I am making strides. I some how manged to make a structure to follow that will allow me to attain and focus one goal at a time.

Level One

1. Head shots. This is your bread and butter lady’s and gents but I bet most of you already knew that. There are a number of ways to getting them. If you don’t have money for professionals head shots ask up and coming noob photographers. You model for them for free and they should give you free pics in return. That way both party’s end up getting what they want.

2. Start submitting. there are a number of excellent places mandy.com craigslist believe it or not…but if they ask for money in any type of way 100% guaranteed its not legit don’t get scammed its easy…

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Audition updates for 4 march 2014

DinoUniyal's Blog

1) Audition for comedy hindi film.male 18 to 40(western),female 16 to 35 (western). Add. Bldg no 2C/202, new mhada complex, lokhandwala andheri. Date-4,5,6,march (2) Mandeep) aud tom 4th n 5th(1-7pm) 4 lloyd elecronics (montage film)@ studo 77, mahada opp jankidevi schol, andhri w. Newly wed coupl(24-30yrs) forml shrt pant fr males n heavy salwr suit fr females (3) CRMM INDIA Casting Call for TVC…
1 Male Lead – 19-22 yr old- young Shahid Kapoor- very expressive- SHY, unaware about his looks.
1 Female Lead – 19-23 yr – young Smita Patil Film Rudalli look) – may or may not be dusky but traditional looking
2 Female support-20-24 yr- average but traditional looking. upmarket won’t work.
Extra Artist – (Total 8- 2-3 young /old shopkeepers, 2-3 kids, 2 foreigners)
Shoot Location: Mumbai.

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The Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Conspiracy Theories

Love this series. This season is going to be the best.


It’s no True Detective, but HBO’s other prestige genre show has enough insane twists and byzantine plots to fuel many an Internet K-hole. Add to that the thousands of pages’ worth of books with quintuple the red herrings, and there’s fodder for as many insane fan theories as there are fans. We’ve compiled the best Game of Thrones conspiracy theories, honed over years of frantic hype. Since there’s more material to work with, A Song of Ice and Fire theories count too, though we’ve only included the books that the series has already covered (halfway through A Storm of Swords, as if you nerds didn’t know that already).

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American Horror Story: A cult phenomenon

The Riveting Reporters

The cult following that popular TV Shows like ‘Charmed’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’once enjoyed  is now being bestowed upon a popular anthology series called ‘American Horror Story’.  This new horror/thriller television series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk  is not only attracting the typical underground following but is reaching out to the masses. This series does not take on a continuous story board with each season, but a self-contained mini – series that uses a similar set of actors but with different characters and settings in each season. ‘American Horror Story’ is a TV show phenomenon as it’s achieving something that’s never been done before. Vampire TV shows have been seen in the past, but American Horror Story is taking people’s love of psychological thrillers and horror and twisting it in a way that people haven’t seen television shows do before. Falchuk’s main goal with creating this TV…

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