What Your E-mail Address Says of You to Others

Oh, please….what else can people come up with to judge another person.

Answers for Actors

Paul RussellYour e-mails seeking audition appointments may be ignored, or deleted based on your e-mail address.

The target recipient—whether it be a casting director, a talent representative, director, producer, or any entertainment colleague—potentially evaluates your professional skills based on your e-mail address.

In a CNN.com 2010 article, internet guru Doug Gross opined, “…people will make judgments about you based on your e-mail address.” What subconscious message(s) is your e-mail address signaling?

There are two factors either helping or hurting your e-mail marketing outreach. Gross details the first of the two challenges. How your chosen e-mail provider reflects you:

“These are stereotypes…


You probably have the same e-mail address you had in 1997.

You also might be 70.

“I get the sense that people with Aol addresses have just been too lazy to upgrade, i.e., their e-mail address is still: IHeartKittens81@aol.com,” says Brenna Ehrlich, a co-creator of the “Stuff Hipsters Hate” blog…

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