Mrs Browns Boys trailer

If you’ve never seen this program….you are missing out. If you are looking for funny…this is the show to watch. Love it.

Lawless View

 “Mrs. Brown faces  off against the Revenue Office, a ruthless land developer and the destruction of her beloved Moore Street market stall”


The new trailer for comedian/actor Brendan O’ Carroll has just been released for cinemas in June.

My American followers is asking who is he?

His eccentric Dublin mammy, Agnes Brown creation….has bowled over audiences here in native Ireland.

But more surprisingly was the massive ratings Mrs. Browns Boys got when BBC bought the show. Critics here in Ireland talk with seething contempt when the upper echelons of Irish broadcasting is asked on their opinion of the shows success. They don’t even hide it.

Why do they dislike it?

I suspect… without letting myself play the victim card, that it is because Agnes Browns comedy is at times, very crass and filled with curse words and farcical comedy.

Paranoid Ian, would say our broadcasters dislike him over the fact he’s unashamed…

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