How I became a man.

The house of crooked sisters


A writers skill set is very similar to an actors. They have to pretend to be a whole heap of different people, and so do authors. In a way, we’re even more versatile, because we don’t have the dead eye of the camera judging us and prescribing what we can be, so we get to be anyone and everyone regardless of gender or ability or skin colour. Or we should be able to, anyway.


In My Crooked Little Sister my main character is a woman, but her opponent or adversary or leading man, however you want to see him, is, well, a man. And I’m not. Added to that, he’s from New Orleans and an Iraq war veteran and I’m not either of those things either. I’m not even American.


So, to get under his skin, I had to be him – to be “Red” or Rooster…

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