Coming Soon! – Stage Door Productions One Act Festival!

Stage Door Stories

Have you ever had a moment of realization that’s quickly chased by sheer terror? It usually only lasts for a minute or two, but during that time you can’t help but think, “What have I gotten myself into?”

I had that moment this time last year after I agreed to help direct this year’s One Act Play Festival. Sure, I’d directed shows before, but a whole festival? That was new to me. Even the thought of sharing the responsibility with the great Diane Rogers didn’t quell the adrenaline rush that flooded my brain with momentary panic.

I realized the project I had just agreed to tackle was significant and that others would be looking forward to it. So, as the panic receded, I began to let the challenge sink in. What could I do but vow to give it my best effort?

So what is the One Act Play Festival…

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