The 13 People You Meet At Community Theatre

Thought Catalog

Whether you’re musical theatre, Shakespearean, or just some down home community versions of Tennessee Williams, you’ve been there. You know all of these people (and are likely more than one of them yourself).

1. The star who is a blood relative of someone important. No one is going to call her on it, because what good would it do, but it’s important to acknowledge that we all know why she consistently gets Eponine/Velma/Maureen. We all know.

2. The exhausted director. It’s not just the usual exhaustion that comes from directing a large stage production — often involving children — it’s the extra special exhaustion that comes from having to do it while holding a normal 9-5 job. (In my experience, they are always teachers. Why are they always teachers?)

3. The grizzled techie. All this techie does is scowl at people, tell everyone to clean up after themselves, smoke…

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