Researching the Role

Spacious Acting™

Not everything in a script is going to be self-evident or otherwise within your knowledge base.  This means you have to do some research.

I am surprised by how many actors don’t do the research necessary for their roles!  They will go into opening night not understanding a word, a line, or a reference.  You need to understand the words and the world of the play, as well as what makes your character who she is.  And that means research.

libraryFortunately, the internet makes this work a lot easier than it used to be.  If you identify at the beginning of rehearsals what you aren’t sure about, you can answer most of your questions in short order, which will help guide how you use your rehearsal time.

So what sort of things should you look into when doing your research?

Word definitions.  This may sound obvious, but I see…

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