Old friends~ the process prt.1

Betty……”What a Dump”

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

In my hast to complete the studio I seem to have forgotten to invite everybody to the party.

Let’s see we have some paint some palette knives a spray bottle or two a table to paint upon.. Hmmm what’s missing?…. Oh that’s right something to actually put the paintings on like canvas or birch panels….Duh!!!! To quote the infamous homer. Yes it’s true I do have probably 60 linear feet of the vintage birch paneling leaning up against the studio wall but it’s not cut or sized or treated in any way.. 😦
Thankfully a magic fairy made a donation to the pills and paint fund so I immediately ran ( drove ) to the art store and picked up 4 panels so I could get to painting. (2) 14×14 one 12×24 and one 20×24 just enough to keep me busy until I can cut some larger pieces out of…

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