Casting Call: The Last of Us

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Well it looks like Sony is at it again with a film adaptation of one of the PS3’s most popular video game franchises after the latest news that they’re registering movie names for “The Last of Us”.   Like Uncharted, this game was developed by the Naughty Dog company and is one of the highest reviewed games in the history of the console’s lifespan.  If you haven’t played it and own a PS3 than I URGE YOU TO DO SO but here’s a basic synopsis:  It centers on survivors of the US years after an “infected outbreak” ravages the landscape.  Our hero Joel is tasked with taking our other hero Ellie to the last group of scientists amongst the survivors.  These men and women are working on a cure for this uncontrollable outbreak and it looks like Ellie might be humanity’s last hope.  You see, she’s been bitten before but is…

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