Casting Call: ‘Monster High’


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They recently announced that the hugely popular Monster High doll line and animated web-series will be getting a live-action version. I am pretty much entirely opposed to this idea but of course as soon as I heard “live-action” my brain started fan-casting these characters that I (even as an adult) admitting love. So here you go.


Emma Roberts as Frankie Stein. Emma’s got that girl-next-door attitude down pat and would be perfect as the line’s main protagonist, wholesome new girl Frankie.


Keke Palmer as Clawdeen Wolf. Keke from True Jackson VP is pretty, fierce, and fabulous; just like Monster High’s resident fashionista Clawdeen.


Janel Parrish as Cleo de Nile. Janel knocks it out of the park on Pretty Little Liars as mean (and sometimes crazy) girl Mona and she would be equally adept as Queen Bee Cleo.


Lucy Hale as Draculaura. Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale is perfect to…

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