2013 Road Trip Photos #23: An Attraction Not Only of Sight and Sound But of Mind

This man really had an imagination, the reruns of Twilight Zone are still scary, especially at night if you are the only one up…..really scary…still a lot of fun to watch.

Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Portrait of a family of three on their innocuous annual road trip. Having journeyed beyond the bustling Commonwealth of Massachusetts and into the verdant hillsides of upstate New York, they sally forth into the seventh day of their ambitious cross-country trek — a Lewis, a Clark, and a Sacajawea advancing the expedition of a lifetime into uncharted territory without benefit of Presidential sponsorship.

Their destination: a quaint metropolis called Binghamton. Its contents: numerous reminders of a hometown hero. That hero: writer Rod Serling. His most famous offspring: a world-famous televised parade of allegories and cautionary tales, a five-year procession of cerebral science fiction and fantastical thinkpieces, an occasionally pretentious but frequently provocative anthology of morality, tragedy, whimsy, and triumph.

It’s a show and a place called…The Twilight Zone.

Twilight Zone Rod Serling pavilion plaque, Binghamton

Pictured above is an engraved plaque embedded firmly in the center of a pavilion in the heart of Binghamton’s own…

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