A One Year Reading List for Someone Who Wants to Write Better

I’ve watched the movie many times but never read the book. I need to get back and read some of the great books and and learn from the masters.

Raw Milk Marathon

We all read a few classics under the careful guardian of American education, didn’t we? Even though I might recall a rogue title, I can’t seem to remember the fluid genius that made those books great.

I remember a couple tragic scenes from The Great Gatsby, the woman hit by a car and the man dead in a pool. I remember Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird and law proceedings that furled my upper lip. Apart from this, I’m sorely missing that literary foundation all the liberal institutions of my upbringing so brightly promised. I don’t blame them, though. Even if they fashioned the most brilliant reading list of all time, I wouldn’t have appreciated it then.

Now is different. Now I have established my interests and taken stock of my passion. Now I approach, with reverence and awe, the crispy articulate pages of the greatest discovered writers. And…

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