Dirty Dog Diaries: A Third Slorey Mistress Says Lamar Odom Smashed Her Cakes To Smithereens

I would love it, if all the reality show everyone on them was fired, including the producers. I mean come on why didn’t they ask us struggling screenwriters to send them something if they had run out of something to blow money on….heck I have plenty that is right up there with the worst screenplay ever, and it still would have been better than watching them in some high priced store buying something they didn’t need……Boring is one of the words I have for those shows especially, the Kardashians, and all the Housewifes of where ever…shows. There are people having to split up families and begging for help, homeless and here they are ……It’s not worth the money spent for power to watch this trash.


Damn Lamar. Keep your hoes in check.

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