WHaT Up WiTH Me……..WHaT I’m DoiNG

OK..firstly, I know y’all are going to send me messages about my sentence  structure and grammar, and  me being a writer ain’t that a Oxymoron?  I write ,someone else gets paid to edit, but not here.  I’m southern and I talk southern.  So when you read this, think of Blanche  Devaroe on Golden Girls ,  or a little bit like Andy Griffith, for you younger people, you are just going to have to wing it.  I talk Southern so therefore I am

OK…I’m finally getting around to  my blog ” What’s Up With Me and STUFF”.  It is mainly about Art, and Entertainment, which covers a lot of Stuff.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..so goes it with art…..people see what they see and it becomes art.  So I may have some of my own ( If I have time  too ) Most will be  of someone elses and how you can buy or sell your own.  Here’s one that’s really interesting  fineartamerica.com.  Here you can join free and if you are a artist that’s wanting to sell your Stuff , this  is where you need to look. All you do is sign up, add your pic’s  and if someone likes them they can buy copies or the original. Now this is what really popped one of my garters,….you can pick out a   picture or painting , pick if you want canvas, or have it made into a poster, prints, or even cards with envelopes.  And the pictures or painting   can be framed, they have SO, many different sizes of frames to choose from (Wooden),(The good stuff) and  they are matted and shipped wherever.  I mean, what could be simpler than that.  You could make your own Christmas cards,  have a funny photo you made of your Aunt Cindi falling down the steps, (I’d laugh at it) blow it up  as a poster.  Anything , well not sure about the nudie(Don’t Need it)  Stuff…But ANYWAY..the prices or reasonable, check it out.

I am also putting Stuff about writing, film production…Movie Stuff.  I’ve been doing some screenwriting, in case you may not be up on the (movie, TV) type “lingo”.    It is a story  that is being made into a movie with all the characters parts, and the actions they’d be doing and what they’d be saying , written out so they wouldn’t have to, take a book go through it, find all this information  (we’d never see a movie if they did it that way) .  Lets just  say it’s completely different from writing a novel.

ANYWAY..  I’m going to have  a lot of information on writing , who’s wanting  or calling for submissions for  TV shows, movies.  Where to find Stuff on contest that pay big money, and the prizes, other than the money, is really good  too.  You go meet producers that may want to buy your script, they fly you out, you may go under contract to write  episodes for a TV series, or write a sequel to the script they   bought from you.  I will also have some  other Stuff  thrown in.  Gossip, HollyWood Stuff  and   Food Stuff… and  fashion Stuff.  That’s my plan and I hope to be able to stick to it.

Try out this site for all you writers and artists,  Fanstory.com, I love this site I have some poems and Stuff there. Great Site!

OH…almost forgot…I’m also having  a listing, daily, hopefully, of the  production companies here on the East coast…(Little HollyWood)  A lot of movies and TV series are made out here. The Stephen King  book  “The Dome” is being made into the series , out here,   you may have seen  it on  TV . North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida, all are producing TV and Movies out on the East coast. So, being I’m a North Carolina girl…born and raised… I’m excited about maybe bumping into an actor or two..or  having one of my script be made into a movie.  Now wouldn’t that just be  HOOT! These production companies call for extras and actors all the time and they do pay.   I want to have listing of  auditions and upcoming production too . I Just LOVE this kind of StuFF.

SO…bare with me, and if you  know of Stuff I need to put in one of the categories, let me know.  I think  this  will be fun, just hope I can get it like I see it in my head. (That’s a scary place)  So  visit and see how I’m doing.   See Y’all Later ..and STuFF.

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