Survey Says? You’re All Wonderful!

words become superfluous

You guys! The new season of Franklin and Bash has started!!

That has nothing to do with anything we’re talking about today, mind you – it was just one of my earliest Favourite Television Shows You’ve Never Heard Of, and I’m really excited that it’s back. And I wanted to, you know, share the exclamation marks!!!

So what are we talking about today, then? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. It’s time to announce the winners of last week’s game of Family Feud!

(No, Shutterbug, to answer your question, I don’t remember the theme song sounding like that, either).

If you weren’t here last week and are wondering why we’re playing – EJ gave me a blogging award. And because I’m, well, me, I went just a tad over the top and created a virtual game show instead of following the rules and just, you know, giving the award to…

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