SO…….You WanT Be A STaR……..

Hooray, for HollyWood!   You  knew every word, every song, every facial expression  for every character  in The Wizard of Oz, when you were younger.  You always read all the gossip magazines  and watched the Golden Globes, Emmys and of course the Oscar  Awards,  glued to the set.    In your room you still have a long piece of red carpet, that you walk and practice your interview with the reporters and wave at the fans, bumping into your favorite movies star, Angelina and Brad,   When you dream  you are excepting  an Oscar for best actress ,giving the best acceptance speech ever given or ever will be given.  You wake up knowing no other job would  satisfy you, because you want to become …A…STAR.   ready (“I ‘m ready for my closeup Mr DeMille.)

Great dream, but a lot of hard work  too.  Most with this dream were willing  to do  anything to make money  just  to be where a chance of getting a part in that play or  a commercial, anything for that one, the one , the part that will catch someones eye and you are on your way.  Mingling with the Stars and all the  people, that know someone, that knows someone, that needs this person that wan’t be found, and you are that person.  The bells will ring, the Angels will sing, the little Blue Birds will follow you, and the Sun will be shining  on you  only.

It could happen, stranger things have  happened.  In this day and time even more so. The East coast especially, North Carolina  is being call “Little HollyWood”   Wilmington N C Production Company, is one production company that is well-known.  They are on Facebook and call daily for extra’s and actors.  Georgia is the place  Tyler Perry’s  production company, where he’s producing   his many sit coms and who can forget Madea.  Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida also work in the movie production business.  Most of the colleges  on the East Coast offer Acting,  and movie production. North Carolina School of the Arts is one of the best. Many students from there have gone on into movies and production.   So if  wanting to be an actor is your passion, and you live on the East coast.. look up some of these production companies  check out the schools that offer what you want and  just do it,  And one day you could be giving that speech you’ve practised so many time.  Dreams do come true.


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