Dangers of Surveillance

We need to be protesting some of these changes that are happening without our input. We are losing our freedom. We aren’t being heard because we are not saying anything,

Night Owl's Notebook

In my post on June 21 I pointed out why most Europeans are more upset than Americans about the recent surveillance revelations and the collection of telephone and internet “metadata” on everybody.  Most Europeans, I said, have lived under police state oppression, continual surveillance and the threat of sudden arrest, while we fortuntate Americans have not.
Now a member of the German Green Party has proved that point. In an op-ed in yesterdays New York Times, Malte Spitz declares:

“Given our history, we Germans are not willing to trade in our liberty for potentially better security. Germans have experienced first hand what happens when the government knows too much about someone….  We have not forgotten what happens when secret police or intelligence agencies disregard privacy.”

Anyone who doubts the dangers inherrent in what the U.S. intelligence agencies are doing should read Spitz’s full article and contemplate how the world has…

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