Zombies and Heat

Escaping Whitnae

The HeatFrom the first time I saw the preview I couldn’t wait to see The Heat – a cop “buddy” comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, where do I get in line? Unfortunately, I didn’t think the movie was any better than the preview. There is always a risk in showing all the best scenes in a preview, but even that didn’t exactly happen here, some of the funniest scenes in the preview were either cut out of the movie or changed in the final cut. Let me be clear, this was a funny movie and I enjoyed myself, but (and this was a big deal for me) I didn’t laugh out loud much.

The story was nothing new, but not overly predictable. Both Sandra & Melissa did a good job with their characters (I’m guessing anytime spent on this set was fun). I found the attempt at making…

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