Modern Philosopher Mailbag: Milestones, Monsters, and Merriment

DruG TaKe OuT The FuNNiEsT PeOpLe….WhAT A LoSS TO US

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

BlutoI’m bored, so let’s randomly pick another letter from the mailbag to answer…

Dear Modern Philosopher,

I recently noticed that you posted your 500th article.  Congratulations!  That’s a lot of Deep Thoughts in 8 months.  I do enjoy your blog and hope that you plan to keep on posting.

I just thought it was weird that for such a milestone post you chose to write about Santa Claus and the possibility that you might take over the operation at The North Pole now that he’s retired.  How come you didn’t write about Zombies, The Devil, Gary the Gargoyle, Aliens, that crazy drunk Leprechaun, or Mayor McCheese?  Any of those would’ve been much more representative of Maine than Santa Claus.

Just curious.  Still love the blog.  Would it be possible to get an autographed toga?

Best wishes!

A Really Big Fan

500Dear RBF,

Thank you for the letter.  It’s always nice…

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