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I’ve been involved as a chat moderator with a fabulous online place called The Writer’s Chatroom (TWC) for the past 5+ years and I wanted to tell you more about it. It’s usually mentioned in my bio, but we have a fabulous line up of guests through September and it’s a good time to share.

Most Sunday evenings we have a ‘celebrity’ chat from 7-9PM. And I say ‘most’ because once a quarter we take a Sunday for a live critique chat, and occasionally we have a live prompt chat, and every now and then we have an open chat.

Celebrity chats are akin to bookstore events – you know, where you go to a bookstore to see an author and ask him or her questions. TWC Sunday night chats are moderated and chatters get in a queue to ask questions of the author, publisher, editor, freelance writer, short story…

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One comment on “The Writer’s Chatroom – a free resource for writers

  1. I’m new to this and trying to get my blog set up. Its a bit much. I’m up all night and sleep a few hours and back at it again, but I feel like I’m taking one step forward and five steps back. There’s just so much to read and comprehend…..and I’m not a young computer geek….a old typewriter girl. It’s going to take forever. Thanks for stopping by, I love how you have your site setup and the others on here too, theirs sites look great.
    I’m jest a ole Hillbilly farm gal from North CarolinER. I’m not shore ifin I can do this here puter stuff.

    Sorry, I think I may have been up to long on this, think I may have done damage.
    See y’all an Stuff

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